An Attempt: Pico de Gallo

DSC_0026There are three ingredients you need in life. I wish. So I will retract that statement and say that there are three ingredients I use in my Pico de Gallo, a mild Mexican salsa. Three ingredients away from making you a somewhat decent cook, if you can call it that.

If you like tomatoes (as in you don’t despise tomatoes like I used to), then this dish is right for you. If you like onions (again, I used to be very suspicious of onions), then stick around. WARNING: This dish does not induce crying for the most part. If you like the color green, the cilantro will make it very easy on your eyes. And finally, if you like to eyeball everything (i.e. no measurements), welcome home.

DSC_0002 DSC_0116DSC_0122

Now I would like to emphasize that I’ve had Pico da Gallo from Mexican Grills like Chipotle and Q’doba, but this is my own take/attempt of throwing three ingredients together to make something edible. I’m not trying to recreate their exact recipes (mainly because I’m too lazy to look them up and I never seem to have the right ingredients. I live a simple life you see.).

Without further ado here are the steps:

  • Step #1: Find/Grow some tomatoes. I use Roma tomatoes, usually two for each dish. My sister and I can only eat so much tomatoes at a time. Yes, I am aware that they are small. Still….
  • Step #2: Gut it (remove the seeds). Dice up these tomatoes to your preference (e.g. if you like huge chucks, don’t cut them small). Excuse my weird sense of humor.
  • Step #3: Find/Grow some onions. One onion will do though. One-eighth to be more specific for me. I use a sweet onion because I usually have one lying around (not exactly traditional I don’t think). Red or white onion works. Basically, any onion that flows your taste buds.
  • Step #4: Again, dice them to your preference. Add as much as you like. If you don’t like onions, you should have already skipped step three and should likewise skip this step … or skip them all.
  • Step #5: Wash the amount of cilantro you want, and finely chop them (whatever that means). Really, I don’t think you can mess this step up.
  • Step #6: Throw all the things you cut up together (reserve the finger if you accidentally cut it).
  • Step #7: Stir or don’t stir. Alternative option: shake the ingredients together. Okay, I’m not funny anymore more.
  • Step #8: Eat. So I usually eat them with tortilla chips, but I find Pringles to be just as good (if not better).

Short version (I know, I should have started with this.):

  • Step #1: Chop up all ingredients.
  • Step #2: Mix them together.

Even shorter version than the short version:

  • Step #1: Find a real recipe.

As you can tell, I will not be making an appearance on the Food Network anytime soon (unless I’m part of the crowd that is eating. Don’t worry, I’m not cool enough to hang around places with good food). Sometimes (by that I mean a lot of times) my sister thinks I shouldn’t even go near the kitchen. She doesn’t say it, but I can see it in her eyes.

I’m a real danger when it comes to making food, and a somewhat failure at cooking, but that’s never stop me before…. I mean, even though I’m bad at it, I still have to eat something, right? Especially after considering the fact that I can’t afford my own personal chef, and I’m not living with my mom. Maybe one day, the chef part not the mom part, but until then, I make do.


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