A Yellow Cup

Knitting, comfort food, tea, and warm hugs go together, right? At least that is how I would like to picture my life because I knit … occasionally.

I guess I fall into the stereotypical category that is the hipster knitter. No, not really, but I do like finding something unique that is quirky enough to stand alone or to stand out among others. That is why I started roaming the miscellaneous section of Goodwill, a section that is somehow categorized nevertheless.

So as I was walking down the housewares section, trying not to knock over anything fragile because I am prone to do that, this cup caught my eyes. One because it was yellow, my favorite color, and two because it was a cup, and I like drinking out of cups, especially cool ones. Now my rule about buying items from Goodwill that looks like it has been used is that it can’t look like it has been used too much to the point where it was loved to death and is now sitting among an assortment of donated goods.DSC_0040

Call me picky or high maintenance (because I go for the newer looking articles but am shopping at a Goodwill), but I would seriously be broke if I brought whatever I liked. So I set some standards for myself (as you should in whatever situation you are in). And even then, standards are not enough; the weight of my wallet begs me not to touch it.

It’s okay. It’s my problem. The problem of an unemployed college student with loans to pay off in a few years. So it does help me limit what I add to the horde of things I possess at home. I’m still young(ish), I still have the rest of my lifetime to discover new things. There’s no rush.

The other thing is that I get watch my housewares collection grow, that is, with mismatched plates and cups. I’m also in the process of finding ways to organize things. This goes with decorating my apartment the way I want. For me, my dream living space didn’t happen the day I moved in or even after a year of living here. Right now, it’s a bunch of mismatch furnishing and my personal paraphernalia, and not in a way that screams I have fantastic taste in interior designing or even any taste at all.

Seriously, sometimes I cringed when the repairman comes. He’s been to a lot of apartments, seen a lot of sophisticated living, and mine is probably laughable in comparison.

It’s actually the way I live though. Having things out of place just like my thoughts being out of order. Mismatched furniture thrown together like I how throw myself together on some mornings. Losing things just like forgetting what I was going to say. Bringing new strays in (not cats, dogs, or squirrels—we have a lot of squirrels around here) just like toying with new ideas.

In a way, this yellow cup represents who I am. Someone who thinks she is unique but fits in occasionally in a crowd, is abandoned on a shelf and left to find out who she is, likes the color yellow for no particular reason at all, but mostly someone who is worn and chipped from years of living as she tries to figure more of this world out.DSC_0042


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