A Pair of Legwarmers


Autumn is a beautiful time of year at least in my opinion because it means I get to wear knitwear without having to look out of place. Not that I look out of place in the first place, it’s just that I refrain from wearing sweaters and hats until the temperature drops a little.

DSC_0190 This brings me to a type of knitwear that is usually overlooked when I delve into a new knitting project: the legwarmers. Sadly, these aren’t the first real pair I’ve knitted, but they are the second. The first pair hardly counted because they were a walking disaster (pun intended). I underestimated the size of normal legs (human legs, that is, because they were perfect for chicken legs), but they are flawlessly useful as armwarmers (if that’s a thing. If not, I’m making it a thing.).

Seriously, our legs are overlooked. You have hats for your heads, socks for warming your feet, mittens/gloves for your hands, scarves for your fashion statement (just kidding), and armwarmers (it’s a thing at this point) for your arms. What’s missing from the bundle? Legwarmers!

Now as a college student who isn’t really looking forward to the winter walks between her classes, a pair of legwarmers might come in handy. My college campus and the whole town in general has some pretty harsh and biting wind. Walking through tunnels are the worst, and not to mention this wide expanse in the middle of campus where the wind hits the hardest.

Aside from buying a face guard, I’m usually all covered, but there were several moments last winter where I was crossing campus and my legs started tingling like they were going to fall off. But this year, I’ll come prepare. I have my nifty legwarmers!

Legwarmers, however underrated they may be, will never again be disregarded by this college student.DSC_0206

What kind of article are you missing from your wardrobe that you wish you had?

For example, I wish I had an Imagine Dragons t-shirt because they’re one of my favorite bands. I also wish I could see them in concert, but that’s a little too much to ask…


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