Late Night Photo Shoot

3 Cups

Night has crept up again, but this time I’m prepared. Armed with Cookies n’ Cream ice cream, a great compromise between the Mint Chocolate Chip lover in me and the Coffee lover who is my sister, we dined like students in college! Scratch that, we are students in college.

Of course, the sole reason I didn’t eat it straight out of the carton (like I normally would if it was minty-flavored ice cream, and it being one less thing to wash) was due to this cozy cup I found in Goodwill. As you know, I’m a fan of cups, and cups with two handles are even better! This marks the second cup I own with two handles, and to think I received my first one during the holidays last year.

But what’s better than finding thrifty things at my local Goodwill? That’s right. A late night photo shoot with something I can eat afterwards! Now being a fan of eating and of eating unhealthy food (e.g. ice cream), I couldn’t say no to having a snack even though I usually don’t snack this late. If anything, I would be having my dinner at a random time like now. Who needs schedules anyway?

I don’t, but I certainly topped my dessert off with strawberries that are apparently still in season where I currently reside, and if I had some chocolate syrup or fudge, I would be all over that.

Tonight’s also a great night for an ice cream showdown because we’re heading into cold territory within the next month, which means that the frozen sections are going on sale, but it’s not too cold where fruits are stocked up for the year in preparation for our hibernation this coming winter. Yes, we like to live like bears where I come from. They’re so efficient really, but I digress.


What’re your favorite toppings for ice cream, frozen yogurt, or anything really? What’s the most peculiar combination of food that you’ve ever had or witnessed someone having?

I used to crumble up potato chips, Oreo cookies, and peanuts over my choice of ice cream, and then drown my sorrows in chocolate syrup. Kidding, I only eat ice cream when I’m happy. Shh, not really, but no one has to know…


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