Winter Frolicking Photo Shoot

DSC_0318Every year, my sister and I have this tradition where we take to our neighborhood streets and run in the snow. Of course, it’s better when it’s snowing, which happened roughly a week ago when we went back home for Thanksgiving break. No warnings or weather alerts from anyone. And guess where I was? Still in bed.

Okay, I did get a warning from my sister, and thankfully it was still snowing by the time we bundled up and headed out.DSC_0119


DSC_0219Looks familiar? This lovely hat is making another appearance because it was the only knitwear I brought back (shock!). I want to put up a similar version of this hat on Etsy, but I’m not so sure because I made it from heather yarn, the kind that unfortunately leaves a part of it on you because it’s so attached to you. The color is really nice though. Maybe I’ll make another one with yarn that sheds less than a cat after finals blow over. Of course, I’ll have to survive finals…


Running away from finals!



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