On Hiatus

As you can probably tell from my absence these last past months that I’ve taken a huge break from blogging. My last attempt (Craft-a-Day) obviously failed before it even started. So much for New Year’s resolutions and crafting…

Here’s the short version:

– I was caught up in school, which is thankfully behind me for now.

– I hadn’t been the mood to knit until yesterday, (if you care to know, I knit like I drink coffee: powering through for a period of time before I stop cold).

– I’m back in my knitting mood and in the mood to inspire myself (Is self-inspiration a thing?).

– As for my plans at the moment, I’ll continue going on hiatus from blogging (maybe until fall 2015). The reason? I want to improve myself before I share what I’ve got with the world. A little dramatic? Perhaps. Will I continue to knit? Heck, yes!

So to any readers out there who have stumbled upon this or have continued to follow me, thank you for sticking around!


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