Presenting… The Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Brittany (YarnBOB)! Thank you for the vote of confidence; it means a lot! You guys should head over there and show her some love!

Liebster Award

So the Liebster Award has been spreading through many blogs, and it’s a really great way for bloggers to be recognized, but I’m a rule breaker at heart, so I’m putting a little twist in mine.

The rules are pretty general and vary across the border, but the basic gesture is that if you are nominated by a Liebster Award nominee, you get to answer the set of questions they give, come up with your own set of questions, and nominate other bloggers. Of course, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

The 10 questions I was given:

1. What was the first thing you made? Who was it for?

The first thing I made knitting-wise was a pink and white scarf. I’m not sure if this counts because it’s still unfinished and is probably hiding in the back of my closet somewhere. I really had no one in mind when I made it (probably a contributing factor to the reason why it’s still unfinished). Like the scarf, I like to think that my knitting journey is still unfinished—continuing, if you will—so I don’t think I’ll be finishing that scarf soon (should I find it) because it would signify the end of my knitting escapades, and I’m just getting started.

2. What is your favorite project that you’ve made?

My favorite project would be the Ribbed Annabelle by Sea of Knits. If you can’t already tell, I love infinity scarves.

3. How did you first learn to knit/sew/crochet, etc?

I learned to knit through my grandmother. Cliché, isn’t it? She lives all the way across the country and came to visit us one summer. The reason why I never finished that first scarf was because she left before she could teach me to bind off (that and I probably wanted to set a world record by making the longest scarf in the world).

4. Do you have a favorite yarn (or other supply) that you like to work with?

Over the summer, I got into Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease (worsted weight). I’ve never worked with yarn that was wool or even partly wool before, so that was fun.

5. Any favorite designers (clothing or pattern)?

I don’t actually have a favorite designer or anyone who came to mind when I read this, but maybe Sea of Knits because they created my favorite pattern for my favorite scarf.

6. Where do you like to shop for your supplies?

I used to shop at A.C. Moore a lot, but since they don’t have a location near my college, I’ve been running to JoAnn Fabric. Fun fact: I’ve never been to an actual store that specialized in just yarn, but I would love to!

7. Is there a craft or project you’ve wanted to try, but haven’t?

I really want to learn how to crochet. I have the crochet hooks and everything, but I like learning new trades in person so I can ask a million stupid questions without having to look them up on the Internet.

8. If you were on an island with one social media outlet, which one would it be?

I was going to say this blog, so I could keep people updated, but then I figured who would really want to blog while on an island? Okay, it mostly depends on what I can do on the island… My final answer would be YouTube; I can easily laze around and watch videos all day.

9. What are you working on now?

I’m working on a brownish-tan colored hat that I’ve yet to decide what goes on beyond the brim. I like making my own pattern as I go along.

10. What’s next on your list of projects?

Maybe another hat or a pair of legwarmers. Stay tune 😉


My 10 Questions for my nominees:

  1. If you could do only one thing all day, what would it be?
  2. What is your favorite go-to movie or book? If you don’t have one, what kind of movie or book do you feel like watching right now?
  3. What’s your favorite kind of weather and why?
  4. What are four words that describe you best?
  5. What is the best meal/food item you can make?
  6. Do you have any special talents?
  7. What are your favorite color combinations?
  8. What’s the most interesting gift you’ve ever received?
  9. How do you greet people (a word, nod, handshake, etc.)?
  10. What is one invention you can’t live without?


My nominees:

Lavender and Olive She has great knits, especially scarfs and cowls, and there’s food involved! What more can you ask for?

Strikkelysten – She makes wonderful dishcloths, and she’s living the dream in Rome!

The Sock Monkey – He knits the most beautiful socks I have ever seen. “Such beautiful socks,” as I like to call them. I admire anyone who makes socks because it’s the one thing I cannot do and because I love wearing socks.

The Twisted Yarn – All things knitting, crocheting, and life. Enough said.

Right here is where I’m breaking the rules.


I have a thing about bothering people on their own blogs. You can tell that I’m new to this community. I like having people bother me though, just not the other way around, so I’m not going to notify my nominees like I’m supposed to (shh!), but I would like to recognize them. Their names are linked, so you should go check them out (if you haven’t already)!

Along the same lines, this award is a great way to reach and connect with bloggers, so I don’t think it should be limited to just the nominees. I would love to hear more about you, so if you want to answer these questions on your blog or in the comments, go right ahead!


Lacy Golden Infinity Scarf – Status Report: Finished

 DSC_0995 (2)Now I know my plan was to finish this scarf in at least a month, a gradual process, but things didn’t turned out as planned. I was hit with a knitting frenzy and ended up finishing it as of last Thursday. This is probably one of the fastest scarves I’ve ever knitted, which can either be sad or not depending on what level you’re at.

Since this is the first “Knit in Progress” that I’ve ever shared with the Internet, I found it fitting to share my pattern for free, which you can find below. (Yes, I love making people scroll for things. I also think I’m funny.). DSC_0951 (3)

I highly recommend this pattern for anyone who loves infinity scarfs, who loves lacey patterns, and who loves knitting. It’s perfect for wearing as a double loop (or you can modify it), and the best part is that it’s an infinity scarf!

I’m also putting this scarf on Etsy, so you’ll be getting this exact scarf (the first ever of its kind) should you feel the need to add this number to your knitwear collection.

If you download the link and try it for yourself, I would love to hear how it turns out! And, if you send in a picture to, I’ll probably post it on my Facebook page, which is still a work in progress, just like this scarf once was.

Disclaimer: This is the first pattern I’ve typed up to share, so it’s might be missing a few components you would normally find in a professional pattern. That being said, if you have tips I could use to improve my format, please et me know!

Pattern – Lacy (Golden) Infinity Scarf

You’re welcome to use this pattern for yourself or for charity but NOT FOR RESALE or COMMERCIAL REPRODUCTION.

I think that’s how it works. I’m not really sure what the protocol is on copyrights and patents, but I would love to know what kind of measures you take.




Fall Photo Shoot Featuring Knitwear

It’s a beautiful day. U2 said it best. It’s also a beautiful day for a fall shoot featuring some hats that will be coming to my Etsy shop soon!

The pictures were taken by my sister because someone had to be the model… (Apparently I model, mostly hands and hair. Yes, hand modeling is a thing.)

The location was on my college campus. I’m not sure whether I should reveal which college I go to (mostly for stalkerish reasons), but it’s at a place called Duck Pond.


Slightly Slouchy Lacy Hat

Slightly Slouchy Lacy Hat with Brim Folded Up

Slightly Slouchy Lacy Hat with Brim Folded Up

This elephant hat was made by my sister and will be featured on Etsy shortly.

One of a Kind Elephant Hat

One of a Kind Elephant Hat


Close-up of the Elephant Design

Close-up of the Elephant Design

Super Slouchy Multicolored Hat

Super Slouchy Multicolored Hat

Fun Fact: This scarf was my first infinity scarf! It also happens to be my favorite, mostly because of the color and how wonderfully soft it is. The pattern came from this site called Sea of Knits and is called the Ribbed Annabelle. Since it’s not my design, it’s not up for sale, but I highly recommend you check out the pattern and knit your own!

My Favorite Scarf

Last but not least, my favorite hat handcrafted by my sister. I’m trying to convince her to give it to me on a certain holiday … so we’ll see, but if you like it, let me know and maybe I can convince her to make one in your favorite colors 😉

White and Grey Stripe Hat with Pom Pom

White and Grey Stripe Hat with Pom Pom


Knit in Progress: Gold Infinity Scarf

DSC_0255My favorite things to wear are infinity scarves. They’re so convenient to loop around your neck as you head out the door. This is why my newest project is—wait for it—an infinity scarf!

I really have no idea where it’ll go. Thrilling isn’t it? The prospect of the unknown or as I like to call it the “art of winging it.” It’s what I’m good at.

So all I know is that I’m knitting it with 100% acrylic yarn from Simply Soft Caron and that it’s two hundred stitches in length. I’m using 24-inch circular needles, so I won’t have to bind/join two ends together (if you know what the heck I’m talking about. Don’t worry about it if you don’t.), which means that each row is very long. Hence my goal is to knit at least one round per day, I don’t know how wide it’s going to be, but I’ll finish it in thirty days at most (if all goes well).

A whole month for a scarf? No, it’ll probably take less because I’m highly motivated right now and have been averaging at three rows per day. I know I won’t be keeping this up though because my upcoming week is booked.

Like I said, I’m winging it as I go along, which is normal when I’m designing my own projects. I’m not sure if this is the norm for other knitters, but it is for me.

Right now, it’s my third day, and I’m feeling pretty good about my progress because I have exams coming up, which means I get to knit! Okay, so I try to use my time wisely to study, but one of my classes involves memorizing concepts, and what’s better than memorizing information than while knitting?DSC_0263

So this is my attempt in making an infinity (or circular) scarf. It will most likely have eyelets/lace because I’m a huge fan, but that’s all I know for now. It might be a fail or it might be a hit (yeah, a one-hit-wonder…), who knows? For now, I’ll just keep on knitting.

Late Night Photo Shoot

3 Cups

Night has crept up again, but this time I’m prepared. Armed with Cookies n’ Cream ice cream, a great compromise between the Mint Chocolate Chip lover in me and the Coffee lover who is my sister, we dined like students in college! Scratch that, we are students in college.

Of course, the sole reason I didn’t eat it straight out of the carton (like I normally would if it was minty-flavored ice cream, and it being one less thing to wash) was due to this cozy cup I found in Goodwill. As you know, I’m a fan of cups, and cups with two handles are even better! This marks the second cup I own with two handles, and to think I received my first one during the holidays last year.

But what’s better than finding thrifty things at my local Goodwill? That’s right. A late night photo shoot with something I can eat afterwards! Now being a fan of eating and of eating unhealthy food (e.g. ice cream), I couldn’t say no to having a snack even though I usually don’t snack this late. If anything, I would be having my dinner at a random time like now. Who needs schedules anyway?

I don’t, but I certainly topped my dessert off with strawberries that are apparently still in season where I currently reside, and if I had some chocolate syrup or fudge, I would be all over that.

Tonight’s also a great night for an ice cream showdown because we’re heading into cold territory within the next month, which means that the frozen sections are going on sale, but it’s not too cold where fruits are stocked up for the year in preparation for our hibernation this coming winter. Yes, we like to live like bears where I come from. They’re so efficient really, but I digress.


What’re your favorite toppings for ice cream, frozen yogurt, or anything really? What’s the most peculiar combination of food that you’ve ever had or witnessed someone having?

I used to crumble up potato chips, Oreo cookies, and peanuts over my choice of ice cream, and then drown my sorrows in chocolate syrup. Kidding, I only eat ice cream when I’m happy. Shh, not really, but no one has to know…

A Pair of Legwarmers


Autumn is a beautiful time of year at least in my opinion because it means I get to wear knitwear without having to look out of place. Not that I look out of place in the first place, it’s just that I refrain from wearing sweaters and hats until the temperature drops a little.

DSC_0190 This brings me to a type of knitwear that is usually overlooked when I delve into a new knitting project: the legwarmers. Sadly, these aren’t the first real pair I’ve knitted, but they are the second. The first pair hardly counted because they were a walking disaster (pun intended). I underestimated the size of normal legs (human legs, that is, because they were perfect for chicken legs), but they are flawlessly useful as armwarmers (if that’s a thing. If not, I’m making it a thing.).

Seriously, our legs are overlooked. You have hats for your heads, socks for warming your feet, mittens/gloves for your hands, scarves for your fashion statement (just kidding), and armwarmers (it’s a thing at this point) for your arms. What’s missing from the bundle? Legwarmers!

Now as a college student who isn’t really looking forward to the winter walks between her classes, a pair of legwarmers might come in handy. My college campus and the whole town in general has some pretty harsh and biting wind. Walking through tunnels are the worst, and not to mention this wide expanse in the middle of campus where the wind hits the hardest.

Aside from buying a face guard, I’m usually all covered, but there were several moments last winter where I was crossing campus and my legs started tingling like they were going to fall off. But this year, I’ll come prepare. I have my nifty legwarmers!

Legwarmers, however underrated they may be, will never again be disregarded by this college student.DSC_0206

What kind of article are you missing from your wardrobe that you wish you had?

For example, I wish I had an Imagine Dragons t-shirt because they’re one of my favorite bands. I also wish I could see them in concert, but that’s a little too much to ask…

A Yellow Cup

Knitting, comfort food, tea, and warm hugs go together, right? At least that is how I would like to picture my life because I knit … occasionally.

I guess I fall into the stereotypical category that is the hipster knitter. No, not really, but I do like finding something unique that is quirky enough to stand alone or to stand out among others. That is why I started roaming the miscellaneous section of Goodwill, a section that is somehow categorized nevertheless.

So as I was walking down the housewares section, trying not to knock over anything fragile because I am prone to do that, this cup caught my eyes. One because it was yellow, my favorite color, and two because it was a cup, and I like drinking out of cups, especially cool ones. Now my rule about buying items from Goodwill that looks like it has been used is that it can’t look like it has been used too much to the point where it was loved to death and is now sitting among an assortment of donated goods.DSC_0040

Call me picky or high maintenance (because I go for the newer looking articles but am shopping at a Goodwill), but I would seriously be broke if I brought whatever I liked. So I set some standards for myself (as you should in whatever situation you are in). And even then, standards are not enough; the weight of my wallet begs me not to touch it.

It’s okay. It’s my problem. The problem of an unemployed college student with loans to pay off in a few years. So it does help me limit what I add to the horde of things I possess at home. I’m still young(ish), I still have the rest of my lifetime to discover new things. There’s no rush.

The other thing is that I get watch my housewares collection grow, that is, with mismatched plates and cups. I’m also in the process of finding ways to organize things. This goes with decorating my apartment the way I want. For me, my dream living space didn’t happen the day I moved in or even after a year of living here. Right now, it’s a bunch of mismatch furnishing and my personal paraphernalia, and not in a way that screams I have fantastic taste in interior designing or even any taste at all.

Seriously, sometimes I cringed when the repairman comes. He’s been to a lot of apartments, seen a lot of sophisticated living, and mine is probably laughable in comparison.

It’s actually the way I live though. Having things out of place just like my thoughts being out of order. Mismatched furniture thrown together like I how throw myself together on some mornings. Losing things just like forgetting what I was going to say. Bringing new strays in (not cats, dogs, or squirrels—we have a lot of squirrels around here) just like toying with new ideas.

In a way, this yellow cup represents who I am. Someone who thinks she is unique but fits in occasionally in a crowd, is abandoned on a shelf and left to find out who she is, likes the color yellow for no particular reason at all, but mostly someone who is worn and chipped from years of living as she tries to figure more of this world out.DSC_0042