Knit in Progress: Gold Infinity Scarf

DSC_0255My favorite things to wear are infinity scarves. They’re so convenient to loop around your neck as you head out the door. This is why my newest project is—wait for it—an infinity scarf!

I really have no idea where it’ll go. Thrilling isn’t it? The prospect of the unknown or as I like to call it the “art of winging it.” It’s what I’m good at.

So all I know is that I’m knitting it with 100% acrylic yarn from Simply Soft Caron and that it’s two hundred stitches in length. I’m using 24-inch circular needles, so I won’t have to bind/join two ends together (if you know what the heck I’m talking about. Don’t worry about it if you don’t.), which means that each row is very long. Hence my goal is to knit at least one round per day, I don’t know how wide it’s going to be, but I’ll finish it in thirty days at most (if all goes well).

A whole month for a scarf? No, it’ll probably take less because I’m highly motivated right now and have been averaging at three rows per day. I know I won’t be keeping this up though because my upcoming week is booked.

Like I said, I’m winging it as I go along, which is normal when I’m designing my own projects. I’m not sure if this is the norm for other knitters, but it is for me.

Right now, it’s my third day, and I’m feeling pretty good about my progress because I have exams coming up, which means I get to knit! Okay, so I try to use my time wisely to study, but one of my classes involves memorizing concepts, and what’s better than memorizing information than while knitting?DSC_0263

So this is my attempt in making an infinity (or circular) scarf. It will most likely have eyelets/lace because I’m a huge fan, but that’s all I know for now. It might be a fail or it might be a hit (yeah, a one-hit-wonder…), who knows? For now, I’ll just keep on knitting.


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